Detox Hair Mask

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Why use a Detox Hair Mask? If Henna does not grasp the hair properly, silicone saturation often occurs. Many shampoos and styling products contain silicones that seal the hair scales of the hair, which means that Henna does not grip, or only with difficulty.

The Detox Hair Mask thoroughly cleanses hair and scalp and removes all styling products and chemicals. This makes it an ideal pre-treatment for dyeing with Henna.

Take a dish and mix two tablespoons of Detox Hair Mask with four tablespoons of warm water into a spreadable paste and let it stand for a while until it starts to grow. The pasta feels like a cream. Apply the mask with the fingers or a brush to the roots and then the entire hair length, knead equally well and let it soak in for 20 to 30 minutes and then rinse the mask thoroughly.

If your hair feels rough after the treatment, the hair colors will certainly work.

Content 150 grams: Lava clay, Amla and Fruitpowder.


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