Submitted HennaBrownie photos

HennaBrownie photo competition

Dear enthusiastic HennaBrownie user,

A long time ago I had a frustration, which I then converted into creation and with a whip of perspiration, the HennaBrownie was born.

I regularly receive HennaBrownies photos from enthusiastic users. So nice, with witty lyrics such as ‘they are yummy’ or ‘Henna time’. And that has inspired me to start a competition: ‘Who makes the nicest, most exuberant or’ Let’s go crazy ‘photo of HennaBrownies. From all entries, the jury and I will select four winner that receive delicious prizes.

The lucky winner of the first prize gets:
A Henna hair colour treatment with colour of your choice in my salon and a treatment for at home.

The lucky winner of the second prize gets:
Three HennaBrownie home treatments and a large Eden Henna Hair Soap, both in a colour of your choice.

The one that comes in third gets:
A HennaBrownie home treatment and a large Eden Henna Hair Soap, both in your favourite colour.

And unlucky winner of the Comfort Prize gets:
Half a day with me in the sauna in Amsterdam.

The rules are:

  • Take a sharp photo of your cute HennaBrownie
  • Add ‘HennaBrownie’.
  • Post the photos on the HennaBrownies Facebook page.
    Mail the photo to stating your
    name, address and telephone number.
  • The closing date is June 6th, 2020
  • The winners will be notified on Thursday, June 18th , 2020.