Tips and supplies

  • For thicker and longer hair than 4 cm, multiply the brownies x 2 and extend the exposure time by ± 20 minutes.
  • Wait 2 days, after coloring, to wash the hair. The color becomes more intense due to oxidation with O² (oxygen). After a week you will see the final color result. Certainly when you have colored the hair from gray to dark brown / black, the outgrowth may first be greenish, that is good. This disappears after a few hours or 1 day.
  • With gray / white hair. (20 to 30 minutes), the longer the exposure time, the more intense the color. Because gray hair has no pigment, you immediately see the color on the hair.
  • E.g. 1½ hours with warm gold blonde gives canary-yellow on 100% white hair, with dark brown hair gives a golden brown nuance
  • Do you have a lot of gray hair at the front of the hairline? Then set the color there last, then the color becomes softer (less color) than the rest of the outgrowth.
  • For example, wash the hair with mild shampoo with Eden hair soaps. These are mild and caring and make the hair firm and healthy.
  • Do you have any remaining Henna mixture? Put a plastic foil over the container with the remaining mixture and put it in the refrigerator. If you want to update the outgrowth again later, let it thaw and use it for a next hair color turn.
  • Never put henna black or Indigo purely on gray hair, that will turn green and will not disappear. Always first pre-pigment with red or use it as a mixed color with black / indigo.


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